Mooi CutnSew is an innovative brand relying on fashion-conscious clientéle with a hint of modern flair mixed with old-school aesthetics. Branding needed to reflect the simplicity of the product; an online fashion platform where you are in charge of the final garment. Your clothes, YOUR way. Final logo and branding serves to compliment and not distract from the garment selection online.
Mooi CutnSew logo on reversable backgrounds.
Mooi CutnSew Business Card Design - To double up as clothing/purchase tags - the first 'o' in mooi can be punched, enabling the card to be attached to a bag with string or gingham ribbon. The back will be left black allowing for personalised handwritten messages to the recipient of the garments upon delivery.
Promotional Clothing to boost brand awareness, simple yet elegant.
Mooi CutnSew Promotional Flyer Design & Layout
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