Birdz. Branding Campaign
Nordsee-fewos Corporate Branding
Visual Identity Design & Development
Branding / Marketing Material
Hair Kartel Corporate Branding
Visual Identity Design & Development
Visual Identity / Branding / Marketing Material
Huuug Corporate Branding
Visual Identity Design & Development
SGM Prezi Presentation
Creative presentation illustrating future growth
Promotional Media: Print/Online
Event Photography - RAW Nomzamo
Location Shoot - RAW Foods Demonstration in Nomzamo
Owl Studio Corporate Branding
Visual Identity Design & Development
Annual Report Design - Mamelani Projects
Annual Report Design - Mamelani Projects
Code Green Apparel Corporate Branding
Visual Identity Design & Development
Infographic Design
Infographics are a great alternative to presenting a mass amount of copy to read, plus they're fun and memorable.
Couple Photography
A fun excursion documenting two gorgeous couples' love for each other.
Packaging / Logo Design
Futura Imaging Systems Packaging Design
Logo Design
Logo Design & Development
Mooi CutnSew Corporate Branding
Visual Identity Design & Development
E-Profile Design - Shekinah Construction
E-Profile Design for Shekinah Construction Services
Logo Graveyard
Showcasing logos that didn't quite make the cut, but still deserves a mention.
Presentation Design
Presentation templates needn't be bland and hard to follow, rather they need to reflect your professionalism and enhance your presentation.
80th Birthday Card
Birthday Card Design
Web Template Design
Various Webpage Designs for existing clients.
Tshirt Design - Tour de Tuli 2013
I designed a tshirt for Tour de Tuli's annual biking challenge. The slogan refers to the riders doing the race for charity and the design would be strategically placed over their hearts.
Event Photography
Documenting 30 years of love and friendships.
Samsung Press Pack Pitch
Press Packs needn't be bland, these are just a few examples of how they can become fun, functional and visually appealing.
Portrait Photography
There's something magical pets bring out in their owners, I love the relationship between the subjects - a tranquil understanding of love.
Sprouts Kitchen Corporate Branding
Visual Identity Design & Development
Newborn Photography
"In [the] soul of every newborn baby, words are waiting to be written." ~ Toba Beta
Some of the print-work I've done
Prezi Presentation - MtrackG.I.T
An interactive presentation introducing MtrackG.I.T to potential customers. The presentation highlights the key features whilst making it fun to watch.
Design, layout and copy for various online media applications. (descriptor links through to online view)
Prezi Presentation - Upshot Training
A fun presentation explaining the ladder of power in general meetings via
There's something special about a silent, beautiful image that makes you pause and appreciate ... I love that. Shown and other photos for sale at:
Prezi Presentation - iVolve
A fun alternative to otherwise bland presentation tools: made via
Prezi Presentation
A prezi presentation for Gauteng IDZ Industrial Development Zone Investor Roadshow.
Incentive Campaigns
Various incentive campaigns
Prezi Presentation - Boodle Rewards
A presentation highlighting the key benefits of Boodle Rewards.
African Outposts Corporate Branding
Visual Identity Design & Development
Photography - Factory Shoot
Factory Shoot
General Photo Retouching
Some retouching done on photos from a photographic shoot, original on the left.
Book Design & Layout (person of worth) varsity project
Book design and layout about a person of worth (selected pages)
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